It’s Likely You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Many women are wearing the wrong bra size. There is this weird rule going on cup sizes: if your boobs look small, you are either an A or a B, and anything beyond D are for girls with massive melons. Well, that simply is not true. At all. In this article I’m explaining why many women are wearing the wrong bra size and how to find your right bra size!

Measuring your bra size vs guessing your bra size

Isn’t it weird that we don’t tend to measure ourselves to determine our bra size but just guess a size? And if we do measure ourselves, we do it at a store, with our poor-fitting bra’s ON? Once I walked into a store to get myself measured for the first time, but instead of measuring me the lady looked at my chest and went: you’re a D. She advised me to buy cup size D. So I sized up – just my cup size – and left my bust size unchanged.

Well, surprise surprise, it turns out I have been wearing the wrong bra size for forever because I blindly followed her advice! I was in pain sometimes because of the shoulder bands, and all in all my bras just never felt “right”.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the Reddit page called A Bra That Fits. They explain how to measure yourself and even included a calculator so that you could easily figure out your bra size. I figured there was no harm in measuring myself, so I did. Apparently I was NOT a 70D, but a 65G. I was so surprised that I could barely believe my size – but by looking at the Reddit page I could quickly tell this was a normal occurrence.

Keep bust in mind

A little while back I had a conversation with a friend about cup sizes (you know how it is. One minute you’re talking about Monopoly and then on to boobs it is) and she said she thinks her ladies might have grown a bit and she was going to try on a bigger size. To which she asked me what my cup size was. She guessed: a C. Now, keeping in mind I previously found out I’m an F, you can imagine she was very surprised. And it’s not just my size that seems unbelievable at first: if you take a look at the Reddit page linked above, you will be able to see some pictures of women with various shapes and cup sizes. It might surprise you that cup sizes you thought were big (like G!) are not necessarily that big. But here’s the thing: it all comes down to the combination of cup size and bust. The latter, we often forget.

Basically, if your bust grows, your cup size shrinks, and the other way around. See the picture below.

bra size chart, cup size and bust size comparison
Bust size and cup size. UK sizes. Picture source:

See how the size of the breasts of a UK 30F (EU 65G) are the same as those of a UK 38D (EU 85D)? So, realistically, we should stop thinking in solely cup sizes. We should properly measure ourselves instead.

I highly recommend for all women out there to measure themselves and calculate their correct size.

I have tried on two bra’s in my new size and they fit perfectly. Seriously guys (girls!), measuring yourself properly is worth a shot! If you have a unusual size, like me, is an easy way to find bra’s in your size of various brands.

Good luck on your boob journey!

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