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Tanning Without Sun: How to Get Sun Kissed Skin Without Harming It

It’s getting warmer and warmer and you might feel the sudden need to tan. How else will you be presentable in shorts? Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pale skin, but for those who do feel more comfortable with a tan: this blogpost is for you!

Tanning is bad for our skin. Period. But don’t worry – you can still get your beloved glowy sun kissed skin without harming your skin. How, you ask? With self tanners!

Wat are self tanners?

You can often find self tanning lotions. These lotions contain DHA, which react with your dead skin cells and turn them brownish. The tan will stay put for multiple day most of the time, depending on how quickly your skin shreds skin cells. If you exfoliate a lot, it could fade more quickly.

What self tanners are good?

Well – since the only self tanning ingredient is DHA, all you really have to do is find a good product (read: no stripping ingredients, no perfume, etc.) with contains the right amount of DHA. You can easily check the safety of the ingredients on CosDNA. How dark your tan will be depends on the amount of DHA in your self tanner. On the packaging of your self tanner, you can often see for what skin tone the self tanner is made. I would stick to that advice. If you want a darker tan, try applying a new layer the following day.

What do I use?

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I live in The Netherlands, am new to tanning and am a university student living on a budget! So I went to my local drugstore and bought a cheap self tanning lotion to test before I would commit to something more expensive. And hey, it works! No complaints, really. Sadly enough I don’t think this one is easy to get ahold of abroad, but I will let you know if I make the switch to something more internationally available.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Screenshot-2020-05-01-at-13.08.45-140x300.png

After testing out the body lotion listed above and liking the effect, I decided I needed something for my face as well. This cost me a bit more. Since my skin is acne prone and sensitive, I’m always extra careful with introducing new products into my skin care routine. After reading up on this self tanner I decided to go for it: I bought the Addition Concentré Eclat. I love it! It doesn’t break me out, which is a miracle. If your skin doesn’t break out as easily as mine you could of course experiment with cheaper options.

I mix one to two drops of this into my moisturiser in the morning once every two days. Make sure to really put your moisturiser everywhere, though! And don’t forget your neck 😉

With these two self tanners I look sun kissed even though I have been layering up on SPF for the past 5 years… Whoo!

Hi, I'm Emma, born and raised in Groningen, The Netherlands (and a bit in Japan, where I've attended high school for while. 日本語OK!). I started emmahelmi.nl because I like to share my ideas and help others.


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