What to buy in 2020? My Favorite Purchases of the Past 6 Months

Oh, how weird the first 6 months of 2020 have been. And I am pretty sure the next 6 months are going to be just as weird. But life goes on, right?! The past 6 months I’ve been focusing on my studies a lot. I’m graduating this summer, after all! Only to return to University to get my Masters two months later, but still.

Even though I have barely left the house during these weird times, I have still done some online shopping. Below are my favorite purchases of the past 6 months.

Anti blue-light glasses

I spent a lot of time behind my laptop the past 6 months, as I was working on my graduation Thesis. I felt tired after an hour of 4 – my eyes especially. That’s when I got an e-mail about anti blue-light glasses. These glasses block the blue light of your screens, making the hours you spend behind your laptop easier on your eyes. Well, according to the advertisement.

I went ahead and bought myself a pair from Capitola; a brand I’m working with (but don’t worry – I will never recommend products I don’t agree with). I’ve been wearing them for the past two weeks and must admit: my eyes feel less tired. However, it can just be a placebo effect.

I also suffer from insomnia and it can take me hours to fall asleep. I tend to avoid blue light at night for this reason as well. I have anti blue light apps on my phone, iPad and laptop. However, lately I have been playing a lot of Animal Crossing in the evening, but there’s no anti blue-light app for the Switch (or my tv!), so I’ve been using these glasses when playing AC as well. It’s like a portable anti blue-light app. Wow, that sounds like such a millennial thing to say.

Gold Rose Anti Blue Light Glasses

Code for 15% off: EMMAHELMI

Erasable pens

I remember while living in Japan that erasable pens were a big thing. Or at least, I thought it was: for the Japanese it was not exciting at all. Did you know I’ve only seen them use pencils for schoolwork? Perfectly sharpened, mind you! I have always preferred pens over pencils for writing but did like the idea of being able to erase my mistakes (don’t we all). So I became an erasable pen fan.

I went back home with a sooo many erasable pens! However, that’s five years ago and most pens have run out of ink. Including black – which is really a must-have in my opinion! I wanted a black erasable pens to write in my planner (listed below!). So I began my quest for erasable pens. And now that I am reunited with my true love (I mean my boyfriend is great and all but.. He ain’t no erasable pen!) I can share with you the true beauty of these pens.

I bought one in black, but there are many more colors. I’m waiting for more of my 5 year old pens to run out of ink before buying new ones though. I still have pink, orange, green, yellow and blue, so that’s enough for my planner now that I also have black!

Moleskine day planner

Getting back to my insomnia, this is actually the reason I bought a day planner. I can’t sleep if I have things on my mind. While writing my thesis I kept finding myself lying in bed at night, thinking about what I had to the the following day. To stop this, I wrote all these things down on a piece of paper before going to bed.

It helped me clear my head resulting in a good night of sleep. But I caught myself being annoyed at messily writing it all down in a notebook: I wanted a real planner! So I bought the Moleskine Day Planner. And, wow, this things is grrrrrrreat!

A Bra That Fits

A few days ago I wrote about how many women are wearing the wrong bra size. So I went online and purchased a bra in my correct size. It fit, so I ordered another one, which, of course, fit too.

I highly recommend for all women out there to take a look at the blogpost I wrote a few days ago and measure themselves properly. For me, wearing properly fitting bra’s meant less pain!

Here’s the bra’s I bought and L O V E.

What are your favorite purchases of the first half of 2020?

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